Monday, August 21, 2017

NEW White Finish Heavy Duty Floor Return Grilles

New Product Added!

Finally! A floor return air grille in a white finish. We have added select sizes in this heavy duty floor grilles to our inventory, and orders of this item ship within 2 business days. These hard-to-find white floor grate is made of all steel, which make them durable enough to use in residential and commercial settings.

Sizes available:
  • 4x10
  • 4x12
  • 4x14
  • 6x10
  • 6x12
  • 6x14
  • 6x30
  • 8x10
  • 8x12
  • 8x14
  • 8x16
  • 8x30
  • 10x12
  • 10x14
  • 10x30
 *Please note, you will want to order by the actual opening size in the floor. For example, the 4x14 white floor return grate is made for a 4" x 14" opening in the floor. The overall faceplate size would be 1 13/16" larger (or 5 13/16" x 15 13/16" in this example)*

Can't find a size you need? Check out our classic brown heavy duty floor return grilles. There are over  50 sizes available in this color.