Friday, February 1, 2013

February’s Manufacturer of the Month: Weather Bloc

Weather-Bloc Logo
Weather-Bloc Systems has over 40 years of construction experience and knowledge which helps them to understand the needs of the trade. They are all about preventing costly repairs by using protection first. Weather-Bloc products are innovative and put through rigorous testing before they ever make it to market. You can be sure when you are buying a Weather-Bloc Product you are buying quality. Moreover all Weather-Bloc products are made and assembled in America. They also manufacture green, without the use of carcinogenic or toxic materials.

Kling-Tite sticks without glue! 
Our favorite Weather-Bloc product is Kling-Tite. This amazing floor protection film is revolutionary because it uses no adhesive, tape, or fasteners to adhere to your surface. It is specially developed floor protection which simply clings to your floor. This means you can safely use Kling-Tite on virtually any surface, there is no residue left behind, and no clean up! Also, because there is no adhesive there is no time limit for how long this can be left down.


Use Kling-Tite Floor Protection On

Use Kling-Tite on over 15 types of flooring. 

Kling Tite Floor Protection can be used in a variety of situations. 

Kling-Tite floor protection is clear commercial grade, but is also great for residential applications. It has better tear and puncture resistance than competitors’ products.  This floor protection is also waterproof, non-skid, and washable. You can clean up messes instead of having to replace the floor protection, saving you time and money. Furthermore, Kling-Tite is reusable in most cases. It cannot be reused after being on carpet. Another benefit of this floor protection is that it is a breeze to install. You just simply press it down onto the surface that needs protection. 

We have two different sizes available: 24 x 100 or 36 x 100. Kling-Tite floor protection is great for a variety of applications. You can protect your home or business from traffic from guest, construction, or service workers. You can protect furniture, appliances, and floors when moving. Gymnasium or venue floors can be protected of damage that social events can cause. Lastly, it is a must have when doing construction, remodeling, or work in your home business. It can be used to tape off windows, walls, floors, cabinets, and more during those projects.

Use at home, during events, or during construction.

Order your Kling-Tite today! It is sure to please and will come in handy for so many projects and applications. This floor protection film is ideal in your home, office, business, and any commercial location. Save yourself costly repairs by using wall, ceiling, floor protection first!

For more information about this product and our other products, please visit our website Floor Protection Resources.