Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Sale - Save 7% on the Fab Four

We are excited to start our Spring Sale. You can save 7% on the Fab Four  from 3/5/13 to 3/24/13. You don't have to sign up, "Like" something, or anything else to take advantage of these savings. All you have to do is use coupon code: FabFour7 at checkout.

Start your Spring off by beginning your redecorating at the floor and working your way up. We are giving 7% off the Fab Four. These four decorative registers will allow you to spruce up your home without breaking the bank. We chose the most popular designs in every finish they are available in.

Take a peek below to see which registers you can save on today!

These Wicker Registers are some of our most popular registers they come in 4 different finishes: Brushed Nickel, Brass, Antique Brass, and Oil Rubbed Bronze. They are available in 10 different sizes.

Victorian registers are great for that classic feeling and elegant beauty you want in your homes. They are available in 6 different finishes: Brass, Antique Brass, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Copper, and Black. These come in 9 different sizes to fit a variety of needs!
Rockwell Register

Rockwell registers are great for an assortment of decor types. They are also available in 6 different finishes: Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Copper, Brass, Black, and Antique Brass.These registers are also available in 9 different sizes to fit in your homes.

These Contemporary Registers are simple, yet beautiful. You can get these in 6 different finishes: Oil Rubbed Bronze, Black, Brass, Copper, Antique Brass, or Brushed Nickel. These are also offered in 9 different sizes to fit your needs.
Check out Floor Register Resources for these registers and our full line up! You can also call 800-504-5989 Monday-Friday, 8-5 CST for live support.

Friday, March 1, 2013

March’s Manufacturer of the Month: Urban Registers

Who is Urban Registers?

Urban Registers LogoUrban Registers is a small company based out of Southern California. They saw a need for hand crafted grills with a unique look and they filled it. They make gorgeous registers sure to look great in any home.

What does Urban Registers make?

Urban Registers creates beautiful solid cast aluminum registers and grilles for both your heating and cooling needs. These decorative grilles are cut and shaped by hand, ensuring a unique, non-machined appearance.

The aluminum registers are great for both new construction and restoration projects. Aluminum air vents can be used indoors or outdoors. They make great foundation vents and add some character to the exterior of your home or business. Aluminum air vents won’t rust making them ideal for use outside or in areas of high humidity, like kitchens and bathrooms.

Customization of Urban’s Aluminum Registers

They offer 30 different sizes of their one of a kind aluminum air vents, including round grills. They have a recessed back to allow for flatter installation.

The aluminum air vents can be ordered with or without a damper, allowing you to use them as a decorative aluminum register or return. You can also order your grill with or without screw holes depending on the location you will be installing your grill. If your order your aluminum air vents with screw holes, you will also receive screws for installation. These decorative air vents can be used on the ceiling, wall, or floor depending on their size.

Urban Registers ships your aluminum air vent unpainted, giving you complete creative control and the ability to match your existing d├ęcor. All you have to do to paint the decorative air vents is apply a coat of primer, then follow with a coat of high quality paint in your desired color.

Urban Register Highlights

  • Solid Cast Aluminum Air Vents
  • Come unpainted
  • Use on floor, ceiling, wall (depending on size)
  • Can come with or without damper to control air flow
  • Easy installation, simply screw in.

Urban Registers are sure to add a unique touch to your projects. Whether using them the aluminum registers in your home, a commercial property, a beautiful hotel, or renovating a historical building, these aluminum air vents are sure to bring superior quality and elegance into your space.

For additional information about the aluminum air vents and other products we carry, please visit our website Floor Register Resources or call us at 800-504-5989.