Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Customer Feature for October

This month we decided to do something a little different than featuring our product. We wanted to take some time and feature one of our great customers and the amazing work they've done with some of our registers. We always love to see how our products can transform a room and make our customers happy.

We had a customer share his pictures with us, and we wanted to share some of them with you, so you can see how amazing the registers look in his space. Our customer ordered both the Classic Grills Registers and the Urban Registers.

Classic Grills Registers

The customer ordered Classic Grills Registers in the Renaissance design. He ordered both solid bronze and solid aluminum registers to use in his space. The bronze grills were finished in an antique burnished bronze finish and used on the floor. The aluminum grills were finished in a painted bronze and used on the ceiling.

Here are two of the bronze Classic Grills Registers he used on the floor. You can see the difference that lighting will make when looking at these registers in his space.

This solid bronze register was ordered in the antique burnished bronze finish and has a lot of light on it. The lighting allows the gold tones to come through, beautifully accenting the neutral tone carpet, and also contrasts the dark walls in this library space. These registers help to provide warmth in this space.


This is another bronze register in the antique burnished bronze finish. This register doesn't have quite as much lighting in the picture, allowing some of the darker tones in the finish to come through. The design of this register and the rustic feel of his travertine marble tile are paired beautifully for a designer look.

The following register is one of the aluminum Classic Registers he used on the ceiling. Aluminum is a lighter metal and therefore the preferred choice for ceiling use.

Here the aluminum Classic Grills Register is shown in the painted bronze finish. The dark finish and Renaissance designs melds perfectly with the stone walls of the wine cellar. This combination makes for a one-of-a-kind feel in his space.

Overtime the bronze registers will age and begin to acquire a patina over time. This will provide additional character and beauty to these eye catching registers.

You can find the full line up of both Classic Grills Registers and Returns on www.FloorRegisterResources.com.

For more information on Classic Grills Registers please see December’s Manufacturer of the Month: Classic Grills Blog from 2012 and take a look at our Informational PDF.

Urban Registers

Our customer also ordered Urban Registers without dampers to use as return air grilles throughout his home. Urban Registers are solid aluminum and come ready to paint, or they can be left bare. Our customer primed and painted his aluminum grills with a high quality spray paint for metal. The addition of the spray paint helps to make these grills one-of-a-kind.

This Urban Register was used outside of a bathroom, and the decorative scroll work adds a unique touch to this space. It ties together the dark tones in the tile with its darker finish. The delicate design also adds a softer side to the geometric tile of the bathroom entrance, softening the overall feel.

Here our customer uses another Urban Register as both a return vent and a piece of art above a large built in piece. Decorating above these large pieces can be difficult, but with this gorgeous vent, nothing more is needed.

This final picture is of an Urban Register in his kitchen. You can see how the finish enhances the design and the overall look of the grille. The decorative scroll work helps to make this return air grille a gorgeous accent piece, rather than an eyesore.

Urban Registers can be painted to fit any decor. These solid aluminum vents can be used as both air supplies and return air grilles. Furthermore, you can use them outside or as foundation vents to bring some beauty to forgotten areas.

To see all the Urban Register sizes we offer, take a look at www.FloorRegisterResources.com.

For more information on Urban Registers be sure to see our March’s Manufacturer of the Month: Urban Registers Blog from 2013.

A huge thank you to our customer for not only sending us pictures, but also allowing us to share them with all of you.

We love to see finished products or how you've taken a register and made it your own. From using Pattern Cut Grilles as cabinet inlays, to before and afters when using a floor cleaner, we want to see it all. If you want to be featured, have questions, or just want to share your opinions, please contact us at 800-504-5989 or email us at Sales@floorresourcesllc.com