Tuesday, May 18, 2021

It’s Party Time! Make Sure Your Floors are Ready with High Quality Floor Protection Products!

Spring and summer months are the best time for parties, events, and even renovations. You've been waiting all winter (and all of quarantine) for the chance to get together, celebrate and get started on those remodeling projects you've been planning. Find everything you need to safeguard your floors at Floor-Protection-Resources.com.

Whether you are hosting a graduation party, summer BBQ, open house, bridal shower or other fun event we have the floor protection you need! We also have options for protecting your floors during remodeling, construction, painting or moving. Below are our top 5 must have floor protection products for your home!

Top 5 Must Have Floor Protection Products

Carpet Protection is our #1 must have floor protection product no matter what you're up against. We offer clear Carpet Protection available in 5 sizes and Stairway Carpet Protection for temporary covering of stair treads and risers. Installation is a breeze with self-adhesive backing. The durable plastic stands up to heavy traffic and is non-slip to help prevent accidents. What more could you ask for!

Breathable Floor Protection is perfect for use on hardwood and other hard surface flooring during construction and remodeling. Floorotex All Purpose Floor Protection shields your work site from dirt, moisture and liquids. The breathable rolls are lightweight and can be easily carried from job site to job site. Tuf-Guard Breathable Floor Protection is permeable, allows for vapor transmission and does not lose strength when wet. We have floor protection that is reusable, water resistant and virtually tear-proof. Get everything you need and more at an affordable price! 

Purchase a Floor Protection Applicator to quickly and professionally put down yards of flooring protection. There is no need to struggle on your hands and knees when you can get it done in half the time and with less than half the effort. Builder Board Seam Tape Applicator is designed to make installation time faster and more cost efficient. The Hand Roller Applicator is a hard plastic roller that attaches to each side of your floor protection film for better gripping and support. The Large Stand Up Applicator is made out of steel for added durability. See for yourself what a difference these options can make on your next home project!

If you are looking for a more permanent floor protection solution, Vinyl Protective Runners may be exactly what you need. Hard Surface Vinyl Runners are ribbed in a diamond pattern for superior traction and stability. Prevent slips, clean shoes and add years of life to your floors.  Vinyl Carpet Protection Runners are perfect for hallways, entryways, and other high traffic areas. Both carpet and hard surface floor runners are conveniently sold by the foot and are available in clear plastic to maintain the aesthetic of your home or workplace while potentially saving you thousands of dollars in wear and tear of your floors!

When you have family, guests or a construction crew in your home furniture is bound to get moved around. Slipstick Furniture Protection offers options to help your chairs easily glide or stay where they should.  Slipstick Furniture Movers can be used to move couches, bookshelves, dressers, tv stands and more. Slipstick Leg Coasters keep your furniture from slipping and scratching your hardwood and hard surface floors. Perfect for flat bottom furniture feet and metal legs. Easy to use, just set leg into coaster. Find a variety of felt pads, gripper feet and sliders in multiple sizes for all your floor protection needs!

At Floor Protection Resources, our mission is to provide the best products and service possible to our customers. We keep a large variety of floor protection products in stock year round and typically ship orders within 1-2 business days. Our friendly sales staff is available to answer any questions or help determine the best products for you! Contact us at 800-504-5989 from 8am – 5pm CST Monday through Friday. We look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, January 29, 2021

What Can Pallmann Cleaners Do For YOUR Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are beautiful and anyone who has hardwood as apart of their home knows this. However, they also know that keeping your wood floors looking lush and fresh can take some doing. Hardwood floors, just like any other type of flooring can collect dust, debris and residue. Also, just like
other flooring, there are specific cleaners designed to combat the dulling of hardwood floors.

Today, I'd like to tell you about Pallmann. Pallmann is a hardwood floor cleaner brand dedicated to cleaning and maintaining hardwood flooring. Before you begin cleaning, it's important to know if your floors are Factory Finished or Site Finished. 
If you purchased wood from a distributor that had a finish pre-applied, that would be considered Factory Finished. If you or your contractor applied the finish to the flooring onsite before installation, that would be considered Site Finished. The average hardwood floor is factory finished. 

The best part about Pallmann is that they have something for every issue you might run into with Factory Finished hardwood flooring. From basic routine cleaners, to deep cleaners that remove even the most stubborn residue and prep the floors for a new topcoat. 

Our most popular Pallmann product is by far the Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner in the 32oz sprayer. This cleaner is perfect for routine hardwood cleaning. Its a waterbased, pH neutral formula that doesn't not need to be rinsed after use. Simply spray, mop and let dry. This product is also available as a concentrate in a 1 gallon container so if you need to cover large areas frequently, then you also have that ability with Pallmann. This product can also be used on oiled floors. 

If  your job requires a little extra elbow grease, Pallman's Clean Strong may be the product for you. Clean Strong is designed to prep factory finished floors for a new topcoat. It removes set in build up and residue that other cleaners cannot. Clean Strong is an aggressive cleaner. Be sure to test it in a small area before using.

Another very popular Pallman product is the Pallman Hardwood Cleaning Kit. The kit is an all-in-one
starter pack for anyone who needs to keep their wood floors clean. It includes the Pallman Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray, a mop and handle, a Pallman Microfiber Dusting Pad and a Pallman Microfiber Mop/Cleaning Pad. Its affordable and everything you need to start getting the most out of your wood floors. Pallman Mop/Dust Pad replacements can be purchased separately. 

Pallman has many more incredible options for wood floor cleaning but these are the basics. Other products include the Pallman Magic Oil Care for floors finished with Pallman Magic Oil 2K and the Pallman Clean N Prep for use as an occasional deep cleaner for oiled or waxed wood floors. 

If you need to get your wood floors looking amazing this season, start with Pallman!

Still have questions? Give us a call! One of our friendly staff is standing by to help you keep your wood floors looking pristine. 

-The Floor Resources Team