Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February Before and After Photos - Motsenbocker's Lift Off

Here's the blanket
after I first made it.
In December 2013 and January 2014 we blogged about Motsenbocker’s Lift Off stain removal products and the amazing results you can receive. After thinking about it we realized that pictures speak louder than words. So we decided to prove it.

I picked up my 2 month old daughter from daycare to find that the blanket I had made her had several small ink spots and one large dollar coin sized ink spot. It turned out that while making Valentine’s one of the kids had dropped a marker on her blanket and no one realized for a while. The marker stains were all over the satin edge binding on her blanket and I wasn’t sure I could get it out. We have all learned that just because a marker is for children does not mean it is washable.

Ink Stain on Fabric
Before - Large Ink Stain
on Fabric
Once we got home, I took out the blanket to assess the damage. The photo is of the largest spot on the blanket. I treated the ink stains with Motsenbocker’s Lift Off 3 for Pen, Marker, and Ink Stains. I wasn’t sure what type of marker this was, but figured Lift Off 3 was my best bet for removing the ink stain from the fabric.

I put a few drops on the smallest spot to see if it was effective and with a little scrubbing and some rinsing the marker stain was gone. I then decided to tackle the big ink stain on the fabric. This was a little more challenging because the ink was heavily saturated, but again with a lot of dabbing with paper towels, scrubbing, and rinsing I got it all out.

Removing Stain From Fabric
After - No more ink stains!

The picture shows the blanket while it was still wet from rinsing; it hadn’t gone through the wash yet. I was impressed by the results and thrilled that her blanket wasn’t ruined. I never realized that removing ink stains from fabric could be so easy. As a new parent, I’m sure that this will not be my last run in with ink stains. However, now that I have Lift Off 3 in my stain remover arsenal, I’m confident that I can remove stains from fabric and other surfaces.

Share your challenging stain story with us! We’d love to hear how Lift Off or any of our stain removers have helped you!

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