Thursday, November 1, 2012

November’s Manufacturer of the Month: Zoroufy

Zoroufy is a family owned company that prides itself in supplying its customers with quality stair rods, stair-holds, wall hangers and floor registers. Zoroufy's products are well known throughout the country and worldwide.
Zoroufy Stair Rods for carpet runners on stairs


Stair Rods

Zoroufy Stair Rods for carpet runners on stairsStair rods are European inspired and used as a decorative accent for stair runners on wood and stone stair cases. We carry 5 Zoroufy stair rod collections for you to choose from including: Select, Heritage, Sovereign, Dynasty and Grand Dynasty. Each collection features a variety of finishes, rod styles, rod lengths and finial options, so you are sure to find a set to match your home décor. The stair rods can be cut to custom sizes and are recommended to be at least 1.5” longer than your stair runner to insure proper installation. Zoroufy's solid stair rods can also be bent to be used on stairs that have a slight curve. Stair rods are intended to be a decorative accent to your carpet runner and not to be used as a means of securing the runner to your stairs. Zoroufy’s stair rods have been used at places such as:

The White House | Washington, DC
Buckingham Palace | London, England
The Waldorf Astoria | New York City, NY
The Mirage Resort & Casino | Las Vegas, NV
The Presidential Palace | St. Petersburg, Russia
Hard Rock Café  | Las Vegas, NV 

Stair Holds

Stair holds are an alternative choice to using stair rods as a decorative accent for carpet runners on your stairs. Pair stair rods with a set of stair holds on your bottom step for a finished look as picture above. We carry 2 different styles of Zoroufy stair holds, the Regular Stair Holds and Decorative Stair Holds. Stair holds come in sets of 2 (one for each side of the runner) and look like a clip that is holding the carpet runner in place. Like the stair rods, stair holds are only decorative and are not intended to hold your carpet runner in place.
Zoroufy Wall Hanger for quilts, rug and tapestries

Wall Hangers

Wall hangers are a beautiful way to display rugs, quilts or tapestries in your home or business. We have 3 different Zoroufy wall hanger collections available including: Regency, Grand Regency and Legacy. There are a variety of styles, lengths and finishes to choose from. Add on sets are also available to add extra length to your wall hanger. It is recommended that your wall hanger be 1.5" longer than the item you wish to hang. The clips will hold a rug or tapestry that is .75” thick. Wall hangers can hold up to 10 pounds of rug weight per foot of rod length.

Zoroufy Brass Registers


Zoroufy also makes beautiful brass floor registers with dampers in 3 distinct styles including: Classic Registers, Scroll Registers and Decorative Registers. Each Zoroufy brass register style has 4 finish options and several size options making it easy to find the perfect floor register to match your vent hole size and décor.