Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January’s Manufacturer of the Month: DuraSeal

DuraSeal has been caring for hardwood floors for over 100 years. Since 1898 they have been producing products for beautiful floors in the USA. They make a variety of products for caring for hardwood floors. From fillers, finishes, sealers, stains, and maintenance products for hardwood flooring, DuraSeal does it all. Originally they manufactured products for a variety of floors; they now specialize in hardwood floor products. They pride themselves on making high quality products to fit an array of applications.

DuraSeal Hardwood Cleaner

DuraSeal cleaner comes in a ready to use formula, or in a concentrate.Caring for hardwood floors has never been so easy. This hardwood floor cleaner can be used on unwaxed wood floors throughout your home, including caring for hardwoods floors with water based or polyurethane finishes. Use this product when caring for hardwood floors to help maintain the natural beauty. DuraSeal cleaner gently cleans grime and dirt without leaving behind a soapy residue. DuraSeal Hardwood Cleaner comes in either a 32oz ready to use cleaner or 32oz concentrate. The 32oz cleaner will clean approximately 2400 sq ft and the concentrate can cleaner approximately 9600 sq ft.

DuraSeal Hardwood Cleaner Highlights

  • Makes caring for hardwood floors easy
  • Residue free
  • Use on water based or polyurethane finished floors
  • Two different sizes available
  • Do not use on wood floors with waxed, oiled or unfinished wood 

DuraSeal Renovator

DuraSeal renovator will clean and reseal your floors.There is more to caring for hardwood floors than just cleaning them. DuraSeal Renovator will not only clean but it will also reseal your floors. This renovator can be used on DuraSeal finished floors, terrazzo, concrete, and unglazed terra cotta tile. DuraSeal Renovator has a unique combination of solvent and resin that will get your floors in tip top shape in no time. The renovator does not need a finished coat and comes in a neutral color, but you can add DuraSeal Penetrating Finish in a 1:4 ratio to get the desired color. Duraseal Renovator comes in a gallon size and will cover about 800 sq ft.


DuraSeal Renovator Highlights

  • Cleans and Seals
  • Use on DuraSeal finished floors, terrazzo, concrete, and unglazed terra cotta tile
  • Neutral Color
  • Covers approx. 800 sq ft

DuraSeal wax and cleaner comes in neutral and coffee brown colors.DuraSeal Wax and Cleaner

If you are caring for hardwood floors with a wax finish, try DuraSeal Wax and Cleaner. Think of it as an easy to use two in one hardwood floor maintenance product. This special blend of wax and cleaning agents was created to remove built up dirt and annoying scuff marks. It will also leave a soft beautiful sheen on your waxed floors. DuraSeal Wax and Cleaner comes in two different colors to suit your needs. You can get it in either neutral or coffee brown. This cleaner and wax combo comes in gallon containers and will cover about 500 sq ft. 

DuraSeal Wax and Cleaner Highlights

  • Makes caring for hardwood floors with waxed finish easy
  • Double duty formula
  • Two colors to choose from
  • Covers approx. 500 sq ft
Get your floors looking their best today!
Try DuraSeal products today and see how great the floors in your home can look. The professional world has trusted them for years, but they are not as well known around residential homes. Bring this secret weapon into your home and see how easy caring for hardwood floors can be.

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