Saturday, June 1, 2013

June's Sale of the Month: 5% Off Site Wide on Floor Protection Resources

5% Site Wide Sale on Floor Protection Resources

In anticipation of all the festivities our customers will be hosting this summer we are hosting a site wide SALE at Floor Protection Resources. Simply enter the coupon code: PARTYB at check out and instantly SAVE 5% on your entire order.

Whether you are hosting a graduation party, birthday party, summer BBQ, open house, bridal shower, family reunion, baby shower, or other fun event we have floor protection for you! We also have options for protecting your floors during remodeling, construction, painting, or moving. We have a wide variety of products designed to protect your floors.

Top 5 Favorite Floor Protection Products

In recognition of the sale we wanted to do a quick feature of our top 5 favorite products here at Floor Resources to protect your floors. Some of them you might recognize from previous posts and some are items never featured on the blog. Let’s get to it!

1) May’s Product of the Month: 3 Mil Carpet Protection

We featured this product in May, but it makes the top 5 as well. It is a great carpet protection film with many uses. It is great for protecting the carpet in your home from guest’s shoes, foot traffic, pet messes, during moving, and much more. Some not so common uses are during potty training puppies, as temporary protection in RV’s during camping*, to pick up small items from carpeting, or even temporarily in your car during inclimate weather*. Take a look at our full feature blog on this product for more information.
* Be sure to check carpet protection film used in vehicles frequently.

2) February’s Manufacturer of the Month – WeatherBloc’s Kling-Tite


Kling-Tite floor protection was also featured in a previous blog post in February. Again, this versatile floor protection product makes the top 5 due to the variety of surfaces this protection film can be used on. You can use this product from on surfaces from ceramic tile, marble, carpet, and to wood. It is a unique floor protection that gives you the versatility to cover almost any surface without an adhesive backing. More information is available on the full length blog post as well.

3) Clear Sleeves

Clear sleeve furniture leg protectors are both an employee and customer favorite. These easy to slip on clear sleeves have a durable felt bottom to prevent damage to hard surfaces while allowing for easy movement. This unique type of furniture feet protector has a clear vinyl sleeve that slips onto and up the leg to ensure they stay on. There is no adhesive used in the installation of this floor protection. These clear sleeves come in 5 sizes: .75”, 1", 1.25”, 1.5, and 1.75”. There are 4 clear sleeve floor protectors to a pack.

4) Pro Shield

Pro Shield is a great option for when floor protection that is reusable is needed. Not only, is Pro Shield reusable, it is also water proof, has a slip resistant bottom, is 2mm thick, and can be left down for up to 3 months. The top side of Pro Shield floor protection can absorb up to 10 times its own weight in moisture and the bottom side is waterproof. Furthermore, the slip resistant bottom can help prevent accidents that can be cause by shifting, bunching, etc. of traditional floor protection. Pro Shield is also both flexible and lightweight making it easy to move and use in tight spaces. To clean Pro Shield you can either rinse it with a hose, vacuum, or sweep. You can use this reusable floor protection on linoleum, carpet, ceramic tile, or hardwood floors. This protection can also be used on some counter top surfaces. It comes in both 24" x 20' and 36" x 50'

5) Floor Glides

Floor glides are great for sliding furniture on carpet, rearranging furniture, or during moving. These plastic floor glides for carpet come in a variety of round sizes: .75”, 1.25”, 1.75”, 2.25”, 2.75”, 5”. They also are available in 1” squares. The larger sizes are great for moving large furniture. These floor glides can be used on carpet, linoleum, concrete, ceramic tile, and some other hard surfaces. These glides easily apply with a stick on backing. They come to 4 pieces to a package.

Limited Time Offer


This sale may only go until June 30th, but we carry these great products and more all year round for your floor protections needs. Be sure to look at our full line up at or give us a call with any questions: 800-504-5989 | M-F | 8-5 CST.