Friday, July 27, 2018

July Product of the Month - Dr. Schutz Cleaning Products - New Additions

We have been carrying Dr. Schutz products for a long time now with limited products. In addition to the few products we carry, we are expanding this product line with six new cleaning products. With the new additions we are able to offer you more selections bringing you the best products. Today we will be covering all six of the newly added Dr. Schutz cleaning products and it's benefit. 

This dry foam and carpet and upholstery cleaner is an excellent mild shampoo treatment. You can use this on natural fiber and oriental carpets such as wool, silk, coir, jute, sisal and many more. This can be used as a strong cleaner for upholstery and textile wall coverings. They are sold in a 400 ml aerosol can with simple instructions to use

Wood care for oiled floors has a great protective film that will prevent dirt to penetrate to the wood, making daily cleaning quicker and easier. This product cleans all oiled wood, cork and wax floors and leaves a beautiful silky finish. They are great for protecting your floor surfaces from dirt and grime. Available in a 750 oz bottle only. 

Before using the Dr. Schutz H2Oil to freshen up your floor surfaces. You will need to clean your wood or cork floors using the wood care for oiled floors. H2Oil is a water based oil care that restores your floor surfaces. You can use this regularly leaving your floor surfaces with excellent protections. H2Oil will give your floor a nice silk matt look. 

This wood polish matte will leave your floor surfaces with a beautiful matte appearance.
  • Initial care treatment for sealed wood and cork floors
  • Simple to use by just applying an even layer of undiluted polish matte to floor surfaces and let it dry overnight or at least 12 hours.
  • Leaves protective film against scratches and a pleasant matte appearance

    Depending on the wear and tear levels you can use this regularly. 
    • low levels - once or twice a year
    • Medium to high - every 3-6 months 
    • High to extreme - every 4-8 weeks

 Wood polish satin will freshen up your floors leaving a silky satin look. Polymer dispersion with wax is made for initial application A great refresher for your wood and cork floor surfaces Using this will add a protective film onto your floor surfaces that will protect it against scratches.The protective film will also prevent dirt and grime from penetrating to the floor This polish will enhance your floors and leave a silky satin look 

Depending on the wear and tear levels you can use this regularly. 

  • low levels - once or twice a year 

  • Medium to high - every 3-6 months 

  • High to extreme - every 4-8 weeks

  • Dr. Scutz PU cleaner is great for new floor surfaces as soon as they are installed and can be used as routine cleaning too.
    • Concentrated cleaner with active cleaning agents
    • Great dirt binding qualities that work on fatty deposits
    • Works with vinyl, linoleum and rubber that has been treated with PU sealer or flooring that has a polyurethane factory finish. 
    • Easy and safe to use on your floors 

    Checkout our full selection of hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, grout, and other floor care items!


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