Thursday, August 1, 2013

August’s Product of the Month: Basic Coatings Products - NEW ADDITIONS!

Basic Coatings Products

We are working on expanding our product lines to continue bringing you the best products for your hardwood floors. Recently, we added 4 new products from the Basic Coatings family to offer you more selection. Today, we are going to cover the 2 of the 4 new Basic Coatings products and their benefits.

Basic Coatings Squeaky Cleaner Basic Coatings Squeaky Cleaner


We have carried Squeaky Cleaner for many years, now we are offering this laminate and hardwood floor cleaner in a ready to use gallon size. You will save money on both product and shipping by ordering Squeaky Cleaner in the gallon size. Our ready to use gallon size is perfect for use as a residential and commercial hardwood floor cleaner. There is no mixing involved, the hardwood floor cleaner is ready to go when opened.

Basic Coatings Squeaky Cleaner at a Glance


  • Hardwood floor cleaner is ready to use
  • Will not leave residue or film behind
  • Economical gallon size – perfect for refilling spray bottles
  • Can be used daily on laminate and hardwood flooring
  • Will tackle tough dirt, scuffs, and grease
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial locations
Basic Coatings laminate and hardwood floor cleaner should not be used on oiled or waxed flooring.

Also, this cleaner is step 2 in part 1 of the TyKote Dustfree Refinishing System which leads into our next new product, Basic Coatings Intensive Floor Treatment.

Basic Coatings Intensive Floor Treatment Basic Coatings Intensive Floor Treatment

Intensive Floor Treatment is an aggressive wood floor cleaner that will break through tough dirt. This intense cleaner will remove streaks, spills, scuffs, and even dirt that has been ground in. This Intensive Floor Treatment is great for use in restaurants because it will cut through grease, food, and beverages. Basic Coating’s Intensive Floor Treatment is part of the TyKote Dustfree Refinishing System.

This hardwood floor cleaner is the 2nd step of the 1st part of prepping floors during the TyKote Dustfree Refinishing System. You will follow the directions on the bottle to clean your floors. You can use mopping, broom tacking, or a machine to clean floors. After using Intensive Floor Treatment, you will follow with the Squeaky Cleaner to remove any residue left behind. Then you can proceed with the remaining steps of the system.

Intensive Floor Treatment Highlights


  • Aggressive hardwood floor cleaner removes tough grime, oil, and even build up
  • Used in TyKote Dustfree Refinishing System
  • Comes in a gallon size
  • Use in both commercial and residential areas
This hardwood floor cleaner is a great choice in restaurants, gyms, and more. It will get floors looking like new again.

Basic Coatings - Sure to Please

Basic Coatings products are great for use in your home and in a variety of businesses. They are tough enough to handle ground in dirt, but safe enough to use in a residential setting. These hardwood floor care products are high quality and hard working, so you don't have to be. Your floors will look great in no time with help from Basic Coatings.

Check back again for a feature on our other 2 new products. Also, see the full line up at!