Thursday, May 1, 2014

May's Product of the Month - 3 Mil Hard Surface Protection

It's getting to be that time of year again. Spring is coming (hopefully) and the mud puddles are here. People come over and they track mud all over your clean flooring. Then you have to spend time cleaning and maintaining your hard surface floors. Well, I say, "No More!"

Use hard surface protection next time you have guests, repair people, or even muddy paws coming through. It will save you time in cleaning and potential damage to your floors. Protective floor covering film is not just great for when guests come over, but is ideal in many situations.

Use Hard Surface Protection During

- Painting
- Graduation parties
- Open houses
- Bridal and baby showers
- Birthday parties
- Remodeling
- Repair work
- Potty training puppies
- During craft projects (cover your whole table!)

3 mil protective floor covering film is not only great for many situations but also great for many types of surfaces. You can use hard surface protection in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and more.


Use Protective Floor Covering Film On

- Factory Finished Hardwood
- Tile
- Vinyl
- Laminate
- Tubs
- Countertops

Note: 3 mil hard surface protection is not for use on site finished floors. If you need a protective floor covering for site finished floors please look at Floorotex, Tuf-Guard, or Builder Board. These can be used for site-finished floors that are absolutely dry (fully cured).

3 mil hard surface protection can be left down for 45 days. If there are extreme conditions such as heat, moisture, heavy foot traffic, you may need to replace the protective floor covering sooner. Once you are done with the hard surface protection film, all you have to do is pull up the protective floor covering and throw it away!

Installation of hard surface protection is just as easy. You just put the roll of protective floor covering down and roll it out. Similar to our carpet protection we blogged about May 2013, the hard surface protection rolls are either reverse or regular wound. To make installation of protective floor covering film even easier we have installation accessories like our hand roller or stand up roller to save you time.

We have a variety of sizes of hard surface protection to fit any need. See the table below for our options.Take a look at our visual that explains the difference between regular and reverse wound styles.

Size Sq Ft Coverage Wound Style
24" x 50' 100 Regular
24" x 200' 400 Reverse
36" x 500' 1500 Reverse

For additional information, please see our FAQ page.

Place your order protective floor covering today and see what a difference it can make during your next event or project.

Tell us: How would you use hard surface protection film?

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