Thursday, October 4, 2012

October’s Manufacturer of the Month: Slipstick

Grippers, Sliders and Castors, Oh My!

We carry a wide variety of furniture protection by Slipstick on Using furniture protection on tables, chairs, couches, beds and any other pieces of furniture can help protect your hard surface floors from scratching, carpet from denting and your furniture from sliding.

Slipstick Grippers, Floor Protection


The Slipstick gripper floor protection features specially designed O rings to protect floors and to keep furniture from sliding. If you need to move your furniture once the grippers are installed, just tilt one side up, and push it to where you would like it to go. Slipstick grippers make it easy to rearrange your furniture and keep them in place once they are where they need to be. Grippers are available in caramel or chocolate colors and in a variety of sizes and styles to fit all of your furniture floor protection needs!


SlipStick slider feet have specially designed slider bottoms to protect your floor while still allowing your chairs to glide across your floor with ease. Floor sliders easily apply to your chairs or other furniture by using the provided screws or the adhesive backing. If you chairs have angles legs, don't worry! We have Slipstick slider feet for angled chair legs as well!



We carry castor cups for hard surface floors and carpeted floors as well. Keep your furniture with wheels in place while protecting your floors. The castors for hard surface floors feature the O ring gripper on the bottom to keep your furniture with wheels in place. The castor cups for carpet uniquely disperse the furniture's weight through the carpet pile to reduce denting on carpet while preventing furniture from unintentional moving or slipping.

All of our Slipstick furniture protection products normally come 4 to a pack unless otherwise stated on their specific product page. Slipstick stands by their products and offers a 5 year replacement warranty, which covers any floor protector that fails due to faulty materials, premature wear, or manufacturer defects. We offer other Slipstick furniture protection products as well.  If you don't see quite what you are looking for here, don't hesitate to visit our website for a complete list of Slipstick items.

Using Slipstick furniture protection will allow you to rest easy and not worry about your furniture damaging your floors. Try our Slipstick products today!