Saturday, December 1, 2012

December’s Manufacturer of the Month: Classic Grills

Classic Grills Registers are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes.
Classic Grills was created in 2004 to fill a void in the artistic and decorative registers market. Classic Grills has built its company on the high quality and artistic beauty offered by their registers and grills.

Dave Tilley, creator of Classic Grills, has spent over 30 years in the HVAC business. He started making hand cast grills for his customers and saw a need for decorative registers and grilles. He sold his business and started Classic Grills. He took his knowledge from his years of experience and created these beautiful grills while maintaining good air flow. All the machining, patina, painting, and assembling of the grills is done at their location in Southern California.

Classic Grills has 8 different styles of decorative registers and grills with various finishes and sizes available. There are over 400 options total available to our customers. You can be sure that you will find a pattern and finish that will fit your style and needs. Many come with a choice of a screen (for return vents) or a damper (for supply registers), depending on the size.

The 8 different styles are Renaissance, Round Renaissance, Art & Crafts, Octagon, Art Deco, Victorian, Tropical, and Grape Leaf.

Take a look at all 8 designs offered by Classic Grills.

When choosing your decorative register or grill, you can choose whether it is cast from solid aluminum or bronze.

Different finishes available for aluminum registers.Aluminum Register Finishes

  • Painted Bronze (Brown)
  •  Painted White
  • Painted Black
  •  Bare Aluminum 

The solid aluminum register offers an economical, yet decorative option for customers. These aluminum registers are light weight, low cost, and look great. They are perfect for wall or ceiling use, where the weight from heavier metals could be an issue. They are not meant for use in floors. Aluminum registers are also great for painting to match your room. They are pre-primed and easy to disassemble for painting.

Different finishes available for bronze registers.

Bronze Register Finishes

  • Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Light Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Antiqued Burnished Bronze
  • Satin Nickel White Bronze

Solid Bronze registers allow you to bring in the beauty and warmth of this beautiful metal. After the bronze register is cast, a hand-fired patina is applied giving each register an individual look. Every grill has a handcrafted quality look and feel. Over the years the finish may darken or change based on the environment enhancing the natural beauty of the bronze register. Bronze registers can be used outside and will patina beautifully over the years. If you need decorative registers for your floor, bronze is the appropriate choice because of its durability. These can also be used as wall registers.

Classic Grills Highlights

  • Choice of hand cast solid aluminum or bronze registers
  • Many choices of finishes
  • 8 unique designs
  • Comes with mounting hardware

Classic Grills will enhance your decor and the decorative registers and grills will shine as artwork. The superior craftmanship and beauty is one of a kind. Solid aluminum registers and bronze registers have never been so easy to get! Just look at the difference upgrading your registers can have.

A quick switch of wall registers can change the whole feel of room.

Look at our site to get the full line-up: Floor Register Resources or call 800-504-5989 for more information.