Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May's Product of the Month: 3 Mil Carpet Protection

3 Mil Carpet Protection film is a great way to protect your carpet in many situations. Whether you are remodeling, moving, or hosting a gathering, this carpet protection plastic will help to protect your home or business. Carpet protection film is easy to use. Moreover, it will save you money and time in cleaning your carpet.

 Carpet Protection Film Features

This clear carpet protection is tear and puncture resistant. It stands up to sharp objects such as tools, screws, high heel shoes, and more. Furthermore, plastic carpet protection is liquid repellant, so if something spills; it wipes up easily. Carpet protection film is self adhesive making it great for any project because it won’t move around. You don’t have to worry about tripping over it like drop cloths, and other traditional protection that doesn’t stick to carpet. Another benefit is that the carpet protection plastic is slip resistant to ensure a safe working environment.

Carpet Protection Precautions

Please keep in mind that this carpet protection film should only be used on synthetic carpet, if you are looking to cover another surface please look at some of our other floor protection products. 3 mil temporary carpet protection should only be left down for a maximum of 45 days. If this carpet film is used in places with heavy foot traffic, high temperatures, outdoor exposure, or in direct sunlight check and replace your carpet protection more often. For additional information and frequently asked questions, take a look at our handy FAQ page.

Available Sizes:

Approx. Sq. Ft. Coverage
Direction Wound

Regular vs. Reverse Wound Carpet Protection?


Regular wound means the roll is wound similar to that of a roll of tape. The adhesive is on the underside of the roll so you would pull out the carpet protection film. This is ideal for stairs because you can fit it onto the riser and the tread easily. 

Reverse wound means that the outside of the roll is where the adhesive is located. Think wrapping paper – the design would be the adhesive and the blank side is the side you walk on. This style is nice in big flat areas because you stick one side down and then you can “kick” the roll forward to lay the protection.

Use 3 Mil Carpet Protection For

  • Graduation, birthday, or holiday parties
  • Open houses
  • Remodeling 
  • Painting
  • Moving
  • Inclimate weather
  • Protect RV’s
  • Potty training puppies
  • Conference rooms
  • Ballrooms
  • And more!

Carpet Protection Film Accessories

In an effort to make protecting carpet as easy as possible, we also offer items to apply the carpet protection. First, we have hand rollers that you can pop into each end of the roll with easy to use handles to assist in rolling out your carpet film. Second, we have stand-up rollers which are great for applying protection in large rooms. You simply attach the roll and move it forward like a push broom. Carpet protection film will roll out in no time and save your knees!

Prevent ruined carpet and hundreds in costly cleaning and repairs by using carpet protection. You can order any size or combinations of sizes to fit your needs. Use it at work or at home, it’s sure to please. Take a look at the full line up at Floor Protection Resources today!

How do you use your carpet film? Any unique ideas – let us know we’d love to feature them!