Friday, July 25, 2014

New Product Announcement - CCP Breatheable Floor Protection

CCP: Clean, Cover, Protect

 CCP protective floor covering is an ideal product for a variety of situations.Whether you need to use it at home to cover your floors during DIY projects or you need it for commercial uses on job sites, CCP temporary floor protection has got your surfaces covered.

CCP floor protection is an eco-friendly choice because it is made with recycled supplies, and is free of hazardous materials. You can feel comfortable using it around kids and pets. The reusable floor protection is made with a non woven fabric surface and plastic bottom allowing the protective floor covering to be both reusable and liquid resistant. This will save you money because you can use it over and over, all while protecting your surfaces from messes.

Try this great floor protection option on almost any surface. Use the protective floor covering on carpets, counters, tile, and even hardwood - both site finished and factory finished! CCP reusable floor protection is ideal for use in your home during projects, remodeling, parties, open houses, and more. It is also a perfect floor protection option for use by construction, painting, and contractor companies. Easily prevent costly damages and time consuming cleaning tasks by laying down this protective floor covering before you begin your project.

The CCP floor protection comes in 40" x 82' rolls, which will cover about 270 square feet. This reusable floor covering is virtually tear proof and has no adhesive. If you do not need it to breathe, it is recommended to tape down the sides to help keep it in place. If you need breathability do not tape the edges down. It is recommended to lay the CCP floor protection plastic (polymer) side down on hard surfaces and the non woven (fabric) side down on carpeted surfaces for best use, unless you have site finished floors. For site finished floors, the fabric side should be put directly onto the floor until it is completely cured.

CCP Floor Protection Main Points

- 40" x 82' rolls are easily applied
- Reusable, waterproof, breathable
- 2 different sides: non-woven and plastic
- Made with recyclable materials
- Tear resistant
- Use on almost any surface

 Order your CCP floor protection today to see how great it can work on your next project! Take a look at our full line up at

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